How we charge

At Smith Family Law, we are transparent and upfront in how we charge.

We provide sensible and pragmatic advice so that you can achieve a cost-effective solution. We work with you to ensure that your legal costs are kept down and focus on reaching agreement with your former partner, family members or the executor so that you can move on and focus on the important things in life.

Cost agreements

Before we start working with you, we will send you a cost agreement that sets out how we charge so that you have a clear and upfront understanding of what our costs will be.

We have a number of options available as to how we charge:

  • Fixed fee;
  • Hourly rate; and
  • deferred fee arrangement.

We provide the first appointment free of charge. This appointment is designed to get an overview of your situation and the issues in dispute.

Our payment options

Hourly rates

For hourly rate matters, you pay for the time we spend working on your matter.

We will provide an estimate of costs at each stage of your matter and an estimate of your total legal costs and third-party charges, such as court filing fees, valuation fees or fees payable to a mediator.

Fixed fees

For fixed fee matters, we will charge a set fee and provide an estimate for any additional stages that may become necessary.

We will also discuss and agree on the scope of work to be done so that there is clarity about the work to be undertaken.

We generally offer fixed-fee pricing for divorce matters, consent orders where an agreement has already been reached, and Probate and Letters of Administration matters.

Deferred payments

In some cases, we will offer deferred payment options and payment plans.

We will discuss the payment options with you at your first appointment. 

Keeping you informed

We adopt an honest and upfront approach to costs throughout the course of your matter. We will provide you with regular updates in relation to your costs whilst working with you. 

We will make sure we provide you with clear and transparent advice on our costs until the conclusion of your matter. 

We also send invoices along the way so that you can keep up to date with payments. There will be no unexpected expenses at the conclusion of your matter.

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