Applying for court orders to relocate with your children, in the absence of consent from the other parent.

Relocating with children after separation

If you’ve separated and wish to relocate with your children, you will need the consent of the other parent or you will need to seek court orders.
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Can Superannuation be left in my Will?

Superannuation and your Will

In this blog, we look at ways you can make sure your superannuation will be distributed in accordance with your wishes, and the circumstances in which you can make a claim on a deceased person’s superannuation.
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Time limits in property settlement and spousal maintenance

Time limits for property settlement and spousal maintenance

In family law matters, strict time limits apply to commence property settlement and spousal maintenance negotiations. The time limits will differ depending on whether you were married or in a de facto relationship.
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The cut-off date for court applications regarding time with children at Christmas in 2021, is Friday 12 November 2021

Time with children at Christmas, after separation – cut off date for court applications

If you have been unable to resolve parenting arrangements for Christmas and you need the Court to assist, you will need to file your Application for Parenting Orders by 4.00 pm on the second Friday of November if it is to be heard before Christmas. In 2021, this is Friday 12 November 2021.
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Lodging an objection to a Child Support assessment

Challenging a child support assessment

In this blog, we explore on what grounds you may be able to challenge a Child Support assessment, how to challenge it and time limits in place.
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There are significant risks associated with homemade or DIY Will kits.

The risks of DIY Will kits

There is a temptation by many, to use a free (or very cheap) DIY kit to save money but with that, comes significant risks.
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How to prepare for a conciliation conference in your family law matter

What is a Conciliation Conference in family law matters?

In this blog, we explore Conciliation Conferences as a means to negotiating your family law dispute without going to trial.
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The crucial difference between a loan and gift in property settlement matters.

Was it a gift or a loan? The difference is critical in family law property settlement

Determining whether money or property received during a relationship is classified as a gift or a loan, can affect the outcome of any property settlement negotiations after separation.
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Support services for children involved in family law

Support services available for children after separation

There is a wide variety of publicly funded and private services available that can help your children during and following separation from your former partner.
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Courses, programs and support services for parenting after separation.

Support services available for parents after separation

There is a wide variety of publicly funded and privately available courses, programs and resources that can help you as a parent, and your children, following separation.
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What options are there to resolve disputes between executors to a deceased estate?

What happens when executors do not agree?

We look at disputes between executors in a Will and how those disputes can be dealt with to enable the application for a Grant of Probate and the administration of the estate to move forward and be finalised.
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What is a Grant of Representation and do I need one as Executor to a deceased estate?

Grant of Representation when dealing with a deceased estate

A Grant of Representation is issued by the Supreme Court of Victoria and enables an executor to distribute the deceased estate assets.
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