The divorce process without using a lawyer

How to apply for divorce without using a lawyer

Obtaining a divorce is the legal end to a marriage. The divorce process is relatively straightforward, and many people choose not to engage a lawyer to assist them with their divorce but rather, follow a ‘do it yourself divorce’ approach.
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Can I vaccinate my child for COVID-19 without the permission of the other parent?

COVID-19 vaccinations and parenting matters

In this article, we review how the Courts deal with vaccinations generally and what has occurred overseas to date with respect to the COVID-19 vaccination.
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What impact might a Family Violence Intervention Order have during family law proceedings?

The impact of Family Violence Intervention Orders on family law proceedings

In this article, we look at how Family Violence Intervention Orders can have a significant impact on family law proceedings as they can indicate there is a risk to the child which can affect parenting arrangements.
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What are the potential taxes and stamp duty in family law property settlement?

What tax consequences do I have to consider when contemplating a family law property settlement?

A very important aspect of family law property settlements that is often overlooked is the tax and duty consequences of parties retaining or disposing of assets as part of a property settlement.
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Who can contest a Will?

How to contest a Will

Anyone who has a Will, or is considering writing a Will, needs to be aware of the potential that their Will can be contested (or challenged) after they die.
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What is an independent children’s lawyer?

What is an Independent Children’s Lawyer?

In a court case concerning children, the primary focus is to make decisions that are in the best interests of the children. Sometimes, the court needs help in determining what the best interests of that particular child are, and they need that to be done by an impartial third party.
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Tips for successful co-parenting

Top 10 tips for co-parenting

Co-parenting is where parents communicate effectively and reach decisions in their children’s best interests together. Here are our top 10 tips for successful co-parenting.
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Signing and witnessing Wills and documents remotely

How to sign Wills and Powers of Attorney during the COVID lockdown

COVID-19 has created witnessing and logistical challenges for signing of Wills and Powers of Attorney. In response to this, the Victorian Government introduced regulations to provide temporary emergency measures to allow Wills and Powers of Attorney to be signed electronically and witnessed remotely.
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Family violence support services during COVID-19

Family violence and support services during COVID-19

With ongoing COVID-19 restrictions and the uncertainty surrounding the pandemic, there has been an even bigger need for those seeking assistance through therapeutic services, advocacy services or the courts.
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