The relationship between child protection laws and family law

The relationship between child protection laws and family law

Many different areas of law often intersect with the family law jurisdiction. One of the most common is child protection law. We look at the intersection of child protection laws and family law, including how Court Orders work in both jurisdictions.
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Is consent required from the other parent to obtain a passport for my child?

Children’s passports in family law matters

Disputes can arise after separation or divorce about whether the child can travel overseas, have an Australian passport or which parent holds the child’s passport. There may also be a risk of a parent unlawfully removing a child from Australia.
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The role and purpose of the specialist family violence courts in Victoria

Specialist family violence courts Victoria

The specialist family violence courts operate at various Magistrates’ Courts across Victoria. They were recommended by the Royal Commission into Family Violence.
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Can I leave family members out of my Will?

Do I have to include my family in my Will?

In this blog, we look at whether people are obligated to include family members in their Will and any restrictions imposed on a person’s ability to choose who may benefit from their estate.
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Options available if your former partner is not complying with Financial Orders.

Compliance with Family Law Financial Orders

Once Orders about property or spousal maintenance or adult child maintenance are made, referred to as Financial Orders, they are legally binding on both parties.
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Your options if your former partner is not complying with Parenting Orders.

Compliance with Parenting Orders

This article explores the different options available if there has been a contravention (or breach) or non-compliance with a Parenting Order.
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What rights do grandparents have to spend time with grandchildren?

Grandparents’ rights to see their grandchildren

The law provides children with the right to spend time with people significant to their care, welfare and development, such as grandparents. This ‘right’ lies with the children in question, but not with the grandparents. Learn more.
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What is child inclusive FDR and how does it benefit my family?

Child inclusive Family Dispute Resolution (FDR)

Child inclusive Family Dispute ResultoFDR is exactly what it sounds like – dispute resolution between parents that takes into consideration the child’s point of view.
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What happens to digital assets after I die?

What happens with your digital assets after death?

Digital assets, broadly defined as anything that is stored digitally, need to be considered in the event of a person's death. How do we go about that?
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International child abduction

The Hague Convention and international child abduction

Some families are often made up of members from different countries and some families also move from one country to another for work or personal reasons. What happens when parents separate and one parent takes a child out of (or remains in) a country without permission of the other parent?
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Using caveats in family law property settlement

Caveats in family law

Caveats can be a great tool to protect your interests before or while formalising a property settlement. This article explores how caveats work in Australia, and in Victoria in particular, and how they can be used in family law proceedings.
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How is testamentary capacity assessed?

What is testamentary capacity and how is it assessed?

There are many factors which may affect a person’s testamentary capacity. In this article, we look at how testamentary capacity is assessed, what evidence is required and options for a Statutory Will.
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